About Us

Dahlia Bianca was founded by Bianca Somer Türkmen in order to be a lifestyle beyond a brand with its carefully thought out design details.

Dahlia Bianca started out with a young, dynamic, and modern perspective, and does not break ties with users even after years with its versatile and 'timeless' designs. With the mission of bringing the positive power of colors and patterns to the forefront of human psychology, we work non-stop in order to always be better and renewed with passion burning within us.

We invite you to join our family in our unique story of happiness and joy. As Dahlia Bianca, we are very happy that you're with us.

How Can We Be Better People ?

In these hard times we’ve been going through, we have been asking ourselves this question as Dahlia Bianca. We found inspiration in the way that the beauties offered by the nature has fed our souls.

We wanted to be calmer, create empathy, respect each other, value one another, feel what others are feeling, dream more; love nature, animals, people and, most importantly, never lose hope. As a result of all of our feelings and dreams, ‘DB Sport’ was born.

With the purpose of being an individual that is better, happier, lovers themselves and feels their emotions;

Based on the Power of Words, we established seven new mottos for you. Prepared with the colors of the rainbow and 100% cotton fabrics:

First, to respect ourselves and later, others: Respect

For the endless love within us.: Love

For the hope that endures in our hearts : Hope

To never give up our dreams : Dream

To protect everything and everyone we love : Care

To feel the love, joy and hope. : Hope

For staying calm and being in the flow. : Calm

For empathy towards everyone. : Empathy

Let the endless energy of life be with you all the time everywhere you go!